Derail Valley Press Kit

Experience trains like never before.

Non-VR Support - Play on a regular PC, using keyboard, mouse and a 2D screen

Ever wondered what it's like to drive trains?

Take control over hundreds of tons rolling on steel rails, while traversing beautiful, challenging natural environments. Make deliveries of cargo between various industries spread across a vast open world. Earn money, buy new licenses and advance your career as a train engineer, all in a seamless, emergent playthrough.

What makes Derail Valley different?

You can feel the physics. Walk without restrictions, in and out of locomotives, changing them as you see fit. Couple and uncouple trains as you complete your deliveries. Choose new deliveries freely. Take many at once if you will. Service your trains after derailing. Do this all spontaneously, and at any point you can save and continue later.

  • Native VR support (optional)
  • Physics driven simulation
  • Open world freedom

  • Career building gameplay
  • Accidents & service costs
  • DLC-free business model

Derail Valley World Map Shunter

Built from the ground up for Virtual Reality


Derail Valley fully supports playing on a regular PC, using mouse and keyboard on a flat screen, but virtual reality is where it really shines. In VR you can, for the first time ever, truly be inside train cabs and operate controls with your own hands. Derail Valley supports all major PC VR headsets.

We are a small team developing Derail Valley, determined to make it one of the best train simulators in the world, and one of the best VR games in 2020. Having started from scratch a couple of years ago, we've grown as a team and have made massive progress since. Help us grow the project further. Buy Derail Valley now on:

Your purchase includes both PC and VR versions of the game.