Become a train driver

Derail Valley is a next-gen train simulation made for VR. Drive a train with your own hands and try to keep it on the tracks!


  • Made for VR and motion controllers
  • Decayed railway simulation
  • Derailment physics
  • Fun and dynamic gameplay
  • Immersive audio and abandoned natural environment

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For more info check out the Steam page.

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For a lot more images check out the press kit.

Meet the team



As a 3D artist and sound designer, Slobodan has done almost all of what you see and hear in the game. He is the founder of Altfuture and the maker of its first game Switchcars, now proactively infecting the team with his vehiclemania.



Ivan is doing the simulation stuff - everything about railway, wheels, engines, etc. Procedural mesh generation too. His editor tools have made Slobodan's life easier (not!). When not on Derail Valley, he's busy making other crazy games.



Nenad's responsible for VR-related parts of the game. If you can throw it, Nenad made it so. He is also the one with the hawk eye on game's performance graphs, and the one to soothe the pains of git merge conflicts for the other two.

If you're interested in how Derail Valley came to be we've got a bit more written in the press kit.


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Press kit

For more information and media check out the press kit.

Note: it's megabyte-heavy due to large number of images, don't open if you're on a limited data plan.

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