The most immersive train simulator ever

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Become a train driver

Drive trains with your own hands! Haul massive cargo between industries across an open railway network, and build your career as a train driver. Make your way through the harshest of railways in old, beaten up locomotives. Enjoy scenic routes and make sure to keep your train on the tracks!

be there

Sit back and operate train controls with your own hands, just like in real life. Derail Valley was built from the ground up for VR, in every aspect, including controls, interface and optimization.

breathing simulation

Feel the machine dynamically changing over time. Shovel coal and monitor the gauges. Derail Valley brings you the essence of two locomotives: a diesel-electric shunter and a heavy steam engine.

256 km2 of
beautiful landscape

Seamlessly move anywhere in the scenic world filled with relaxing forests, fields, mountains and lakes. Explore its railway network and industrial complexes - and you might even find some secrets.

Jobs created by

Transport over 30 different types of cargo between 15 industries, each offering countless shunting and freight haul jobs. Earn money and spend it on maintaining trains and buying new licenses.

with style

Trains can and will fall off the tracks when driven recklessly. Derailments are realistic and often surprisingly impressive. Locomotives can receive damage and even their windows might shatter!


Instructions are simple and clear. If you've got veteran skills your trips will be more efficient, but if not - no worries, simple step by step instructions will guide you as your skills develop.

Derail Valley is in Early Access which means it is still be in development. We are continually updating it with bug fixes, improvements and will be adding features such as new trains and passenger transport. See full feature list for more details about our plans:

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Is VR necessary?

Derail Valley can be played both with and without a virtual reality headset.

For the best experience we recommend playing using one of the supported VR devices:

Oculus Rift | HTC Vive | WMR

For players who are not in a position to use VR, we include rudimentary support for playing on a regular flat-screen PC, using keyboard and mouse, to the base game. Mind, though, that without VR the overall experience is notably lessened.

Made with love, by a team of five

Derail Valley started back in 2015 as an idea between a few friends that even we could make a better train simulator. Today we've got something to show for it. As a team of five, we push our limits to make this project possible, and our goal remains to improve train simulators and VR as much as we can! More about us...

170+ MB

This project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the budget of the Republic of Serbia from the division of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, through the Serbia Competitiveness and Jobs Project (loan agreement with the World Bank).

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