• Developer: Altfuture (site)
  • Game: Derail Valley (site)
  • Platforms: Windows PC & PC-based VR (Steam, Oculus)
  • Release date: July 1, 2023 (Simulator update)
  • Regular price: $39.99 USD
  • Press kit: link

Derail Valley: Simulator - Just Launched

Belgrade, Serbia - July 1, 2023 - We are pleased to announce the launch of "Derail Valley: Simulator," a free major update to "Derail Valley", our open world train driving simulation game. The update was released to Steam and Oculus store users today. The game supports both PC and PC-based VR play, natively, and can also be played on Steam Deck.

Along with the launch comes a brand new trailer, highlighting just some of the game's features and content, as well as numerous improvements from the update:


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What's new?

The "Simulator" update entirely revamps the game's powertrain simulation, graphics, environment effects, UI/UX, adds new locomotives and features, localization and brings numerous bug fixes and small improvements. More details below:

A few of the planned features, marked red in the images above will be available post-release, in one of the subsequent small updates. You can read more about the game's features on our updated Steam store page.

Press Material

Derail Valley started as a 2-person project in 2016, with an ambitious goal to create the world's best train simulation game. It's been in active development since, now by a team of 10. The Simulator update has been in the works for about 3 years. More about us on Altfuture.gg.

For more information, please see our Steam store page, and our recent Steam news posts. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us at business@altfuture.gg!

Thank you for your time.