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Early Access Roadmap:

Train Simulation:

Buffer & Chain Couplers
Locomotive Remote Controller
Multiple-Unit Train Control
Brake Simulation Revamp
Steam Engine Simulation Revamp
Diesel-Electric Simulation Revamp
Diesel-Mechanical Simulation
Diesel-Hydraulic Simulation
Improved Manual Servicing (Diesel Hose, Towers...)
Electric Simulation
Mod Support for Trains
Knuckle Couplers (For Mods)


DE6 Diesel Locomotive
S060 Steam Shunter
DM3 Diesel Shunter
DH4 Diesel Road-Switcher
DE6 Diesel Slug (Work Train)
E6 Electric Locomotive
DM1P Railbus + Mail Variant
DH6 Diesel Locomotive
Micro Shunter (Work Train)
Maintenance of Way Equipment (Work Train)
Speeder (Work Train)
E4P2 Electric Multiple Unit

Cars & Cargo:

HAZMAT Cars & Cargo
Caboose (Work Train)
New Cars (4+)
New Cargo Types (100+)

Gameplay & Economy:

Improved Career & Economy
Sandbox Mode
New Items (Compass, Lantern...)
Industry Supply & Demand
Job System Revamp
Track Defects & Maintenance
Passenger Jobs
AI Trains Traffic
Train & Depot Ownership
Loco Customization (Paintjobs & Parts)
Survival Mechanics (Optional)

Railway Network:

Double Tracks & Passing Sidings
More Bridge Types & Landslide Walls
Aged Track Type


Improved Terrain Graphics
Location Props & Details
Improved Vegetation
Day & Night Cycle
Dynamic Weather
Improved Water
Road Vehicles (25+ Props)
Improved Environment Sounds
Industry VFX (Smoke, Lights...)
More Industries (10+)
More Cities (3)
Villages & Passenger Stops
People & Animals
New World (DLC)
Road Traffic & Level Crossings

UX & Controls:

Improved Stability & Performance
Improved Controls & UI
Improved VR Support
Main Menu & User Management
Save & Session Management
External Camera & HUD (Optional)
Improved Manual
Improved Inventory
Improved I/O Support (More Peripherals)

Many more smaller features and content that are not listed here are coming too! Stay tuned, and thanks so much for your support!