With the help of our community we can make it grow a lot faster. Greater awareness generates more sales, which gives us more development time in return. We'd love to use this time to create extra content for all of you, as a thank you.

Where we are now:

Next goal: ? pts

Goal rewards:

Mod Support for Worlds

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Each new subscriber adds community points, as shown above. As we gain more points, we will reach our community goals and begin work on the rewards. Once they are complete they will be unlocked for everyone. Note: we don't want anyone spamming the internet - end goal is to introduce Derail Valley to true fans who are willing to help us grow the game and our community further.

Unlocked by now:

Locomotive Remote Controller
Diesel Locomotive
Location Props & Details
Gondola Car
Multiple-unit Train Control
Steam Locomotive Improvements
Sandbox Game Mode
Day & Night Cycle
Mod Support for Trains (beta)
Track Maintenance (Jobs + Rail Vehicle)
More Environment Sounds
Railway Editor Improvements (double-tracks, electrification...)
More Industries & Cargo Types
NPC Trains & Signals
Villages & Passenger Stops
People & Animals
Passenger Jobs (Incl. Timetable)
Train & Depot Ownership
Locomotive Customization (Paintjobs & Parts)
Diesel Locomotive (Double-cab)
Electric Locomotive (Double-cab)
Small Steam Locomotive
Speeder Crew Vehicle
Electric Multiple Unit
Roads & Traffic Vehicles
New World (Additional)
2-player Co-op - We will attempt this, but may not succeed

Many more features and content that are not listed here are planned too! Stay tuned and thanks so much for supporting us!