All goals met!


Thank you for your support! With your help, we reached the final goal of 100k on September 28, 2020! Now we're busy developing the rewards, and some extras – stay tuned!

If you'd like to further support us in the meantime, please consider sharing Derail Valley with friends, communities and video makers. Alternatively you can gift our games to your friends, or buy our music! We really appreciate it!

Unlocked goals status:

Locomotive Remote Controller
Diesel Locomotive
Location Props & Details
Gondola Car
Multiple-unit Train Control
Steam Locomotive Improvements
Sandbox Game Mode
Day & Night Cycle
More Environment Sounds
Mod Support for Trains
Railway Network Improvements
More Industries & Cargo Types
Villages & Passenger Stops
Diesel Locomotive (Double-cab)
Electric Locomotive (Double-cab)
Small Steam Locomotive
Speeder Crew Vehicle
Track Maintenance (Jobs + Rail Vehicle)
Train & Depot Ownership
Locomotive Customization (Paintjobs & Parts)
People & Animals
NPC Trains & Signals
Passenger Jobs (Incl. Timetable)
Electric Multiple Unit
Roads & Traffic Vehicles
New World (Additional)
Mod Support for Worlds
2-player Co-op - We will attempt this, but may not succeed

Many more features and content that are not listed here are coming too! Stay tuned, and thanks so much for your support!