Come chat with us on Discord! Our community counts 8000+ members and is rapidly growing. FAQ:

    How can I report a bug, or send feedback?
  • Feel free to reach out to us via Discord, Steam forums, email and other social media! We read all feedback and bug reports coming our way. Please include your log and save files whenever possible.
    Where can I find log and save files?
  • File "player.log" is located in %AppData%\..\LocalLow\Altfuture\Derail Valley
    File "savegame" is located in steamapps\common\Derail Valley\DerailValley_Data\SaveGameData
    Is there a project roadmap?
  • Yes, please see our actively updated Community Unlocks page for the list of what's coming (and potentially coming) to Derail Valley. For the list of currently available features please see the Feature List.

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