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Overhauling the train simulator genre.

Non-VR Support - Play on a regular PC, using keyboard, mouse and a 2D screen

Ever wondered what it's like to drive trains?

Drive massive trains through beautiful, challenging natural environments. Make deliveries of cargo between industries spread across an open world. Earn money, buy new licenses and advance your career as a train engineer, all in a seamless, emergent playthrough.

Walk anywhere or drive a train in a 256 km2 world, covered in rich vegetation, mountains, fields, lakes, rivers and a massive railroad network, spanning 15 diverse industries and towns. Days and nights seamlessly cycle over the valley, with dynamic clouds, fog, rain and environment sounds spicing it all up. Change the switches, board the vehicles, leave them, take them somewhere specific - the choice is yours.

Derail Valley depicts complex intricacies of diesel locomotives with varying transmission types, as well as steam engines, and does so in depth. Through behavior, sounds, physics and interaction, vehicles' characteristics are designed to fully immerse and challenge you. You might even learn something new about them! On top of that, you'll find yourself spontaneously involved in coupling, servicing, brake securing, shunting and other railroad procedures.

Every location offers and receives certain cargo, forming a dynamic chain that you take part in. Deliveries are procedurally generated; they vary among themselves and almost no delivery will be the same as the other. Deliver cargo between industries, or do the shunting and logistics that help the stations create more deliveries. Pick your orders freely, move cars throughout the valley according to your licensing and locomotive availability.

Whether you prefer turning every knob manually or taking a laid back approach from a birds-eye view, difficulty parameters have got you covered. From the preferred camera view down to the ease of coupling, difficulty customization makes it possible for you to find the challenge and comfort levels that you're happy with.

Earn money by completing deliveries. Master efficient driving and look after the vehicles you use to minimize fuel and repair costs. Buy new items and licenses that allow you access to more vehicles and orders. Alternatively, play in sandbox mode where economy is not in focus; where you can create custom scenarios, have fun doing whatever and capture fun videos using built-in photography tools.

There are currently 6 locomotive types in the game, each based on a different technology or offered with drastically different characteristics. With more in the pipeline, the simulation is built to support locomotive mods as well. Other than the powerhouses, there are a few work train vehicles, over ten types of cars and more than 50 types of cargo available, as well.

Be it a derailment, collision, blown traction motor, boiler explosion, failed brakes, HAZMAT disaster or even something as mild as wheelslip on a rainy slope, Derail Valley doesn't just present you with a popup screen when you make a mistake - you get to experience the consequences of your actions, even if they're a rare occurrence.

Derail Valley not only supports the major PC-based VR headsets, but has been built to support them from the ground up. Experience the game spatially present and using your own hands to operate the controls. This is the ultimate experience, the closest there is to being a real railroader. Additionally, you can seamlessly share the same playthrough among the PC and VR sessions - choosing the platform based on your mood.

Whether you are new to trains or an experienced veteran, the game features tutorials that are quick to get you going. However, a comprehensive user manual also exists, for when you want to dive deep into the details.


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