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Information Board

Plans for the future

This board serves to provide basic information about our plans for Derail Valley. It should address the most commonly asked questions about the future. Please note that the list represents our current view, but isn't set in stone and will likely be modified over time.


  • 2019   — DONE — Free — Foundation Part 1 — Early access release
  • 2020   — DONE — Free — Foundation Part 2 — Overhauled
  • 2023   — DONE — Free — Foundation Part 3 — Simulator
  • 2024+ — TODO — Free — Foundation Part 4 — To be announced

  • 2024+ — TODOPaidDLC
  • 2025+ — TODO — Free — AI Trains
  • 2025+ — TODO — Free — Passengers
  • 2025+ — TODO — Free — Customization
  • 2026+ — TODO — Free — Extras

The milestones may be reached through multiple game updates or individual major ones, as may turn out necessary. Please read on for more information on what each milestone entails.

Subject to change

Please bear in mind that we are a small team working off of the game's sales. There's no giant funding behind us — only hard work and clever ways to optimize the production. This worked for us for many years so far, but a long road lies ahead, the world is changing, and no one can guarantee success. All these plans are a subject to change.

Foundation Part 4

Depending on the success of Simulator, we plan to start work on this milestone immediately after. Some of the work on it has been started in the previous years already. It's planned to include:


  • New vehicles
    • 2 locomotives — DH6, E6
    • 4 work trains — Microshunter, Speeder, Mailbus, MOW Equipment
    • 6 new cars — Bulkhead, Centerbeam, Livestock, Powder, Short Tank, Closed Hopper
  • New simulation elements
    • Electric powertrain simulation
    • Double-cab support
    • Knuckle couplers — option to choose the coupling system in-game
  • Train modding improvements
    • Documentation
    • Steam Workshop


  • New locations in the existing map
    • 13 new industries
    • 3 new cities
    • 10 new depots
    • 27 villages
    • Bonus yard
  • Railways rework
    • Layout modifications
      • Better map coverage
      • Straightening some sections, higher average speeds
      • Adaptations to accommodate new features and locations
      • Future-proofing for AI trains, passenger transport and customization milestones
    • Double-tracks, passing sidings
    • Sign generator revamp
    • New types of bridges, viaducts, tunnels and landslide walls
    • Electrification
    • Passenger stops — in villages
    • Track age variation
  • Roads
  • Domestic animals


  • Advanced economy simulation
    • Reactive ecosystem with dynamic supply and demand
    • Economic strategy features — to be announced
    • Contract system revamp
      • Delivery order permanence
      • Advanced car/cargo compatibility logic
      • Incentivizing longer, mixed trains
      • New UI for order management
      • Many more features — to be announced
  • 150+ new cargo types
  • Track defects and maintenance — simplified, to be announced
  • 300+ additional hours of playtime, drastic repetitiveness mitigation


  • UI-based navigation for comfort players
  • Hands in non-VR
  • External view and related UI features in VR
  • Support for more peripherals, key mapping UI
  • Revamped VR input system


This milestone is intended to further financially support our efforts, by providing substantial new content to the existing users. We should start work on the first DLC in 2024, alongside the development of Foundation Part 4.


  • US-inspired train pack
    • Details to be announced
  • More train packs — to be announced


  • US-inspired map
    • Deserts, mesas, pine hills
    • Bigger loading gauge, more straight tracks
    • 50+ additional hours of gameplay
    • Localized designs of road vehicles and some buildings
    • More details to be announced
  • More maps — to be announced


  • Tunnel and ferry connections between maps (with loading screen)
  • Trans-map deliveries

AI Trains

This milestone is intended to make the railways more busy and alive. The work on this should soft-start as part of Foundation Part 4.


  • Route-setting logic
  • Train-driving logic


  • Signal logic


This milestone is intended to bring passenger and timetable transport to the game, providing new challenges and making the world more alive. The work on this might start in 2025.


  • New vehicles
    • 2 railcars — DM1P, E4P2
    • Finished coaches
  • New simulation elements
    • Air conditioning simulation


  • Station and industry workers


  • Passenger transport orders
  • Timetable-based orders
  • Passenger models and behavior


This milestone is intended to extend playtime by introducing the ability to own and modify vehicles. Work on it could begin in 2024, in parallel with other milestones.


  • 20+ parts
    • Invisible stat boosters — Better fuel tank, engine, compressor, etc.
    • Visible parts — Light racks, bumpers, cow catchers, railings, etc.
  • 40+ gadgets
    • Installable gadgets — DPU, roadrunner, digital speedometer, clinomter, fusible plug, etc.
  • Paintjobs


  • Vehicle ownership
  • Depot ownership and renting
  • Buying and installing parts, gadgets and paintjobs — simplified, to be announced


Extras are features that we feel are important and possible to do, but which would be wasteful if done before the core structure is finished. Work on this would naturally be done in the final stages of the project.


  • Pedestrians
  • Wildlife
  • Road traffic


  • Human mechanics for hardcore players — Eating, sleeping, ability to get hurt, etc.
  • Optional physical rerailing using cranes and rerailers

Why don't you change the milestone order?

Our plans are designed in a way that's the most efficient to develop. Doing things in a different order would take more time.

It takes too long!

We're working on Derail Valley as hard as possible. It's a very complex project and there is no way to do it quicker, which is why no one else has caught up with a similar game in the years we've been doing it. These things, they take time.

I don't see an X feature listed

The aforementioned milestones are those that are realistically achievable in Derail Valley. If we were to do more (e.g. multiplayer, track building, etc.), we'd have to do it in a separate product. The more success we have with Derail Valley, the higher the chance for us to make more products.

How you can help

We have a clear path towards the proposed milestones, and we're only held down by the available resources. Here's some things that you could do to further help us:

  1. Spread the word about Derail Valley.
  2. Buy Derail Valley for your friends — LINK
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