• Developer: Altfuture (site)
  • Game: Derail Valley (site)
  • Patforms: Windows PC & PCVR (Steam, Oculus)
  • Release date: May 21, 2020 (Overhauled update)
  • Regular price: $19.99 (will grow in the future)
  • Press kit: link

Derail Valley: Overhauled - Coming May 21, 2020

Belgrade, Serbia - April 22, 2020 - Altfuture is pleased to announce that "Derail Valley: Overhauled," a major free update to their Early Access open world train simulator "Derail Valley," is coming to PC and PCVR on May 21, 2020. A brand new trailer has just been launched, revealing just some of the numerous improvements.

About Derail Valley: Overhauled

"Overhauled" is a major free update to Derail Valley, which itself is an open world train simulator for PC and PCVR. The update is set to do Early Access justice, fixing most of the game's flaws so far, as well as add new content and features, some of which haven't been announced before. Core changes include:

  • New locomotive type
  • Chain Couplers
  • Explosive HAZMAT cargo
  • Massive bug fixes
  • 50+ hours of gameplay
  • Derailment improvements
  • More detailed world
  • Revamped controls & UI

"Overhauled is the biggest project investment we've ever made as a company, bigger than all of Derail Valley up until now." - said Slobodan Stevic, CEO and lead designer. - "There is always more to improve or add, but we think, and our beta testers confirm it, that this update is a huge step in the right direction."

The update was in the works for more than a year, and funded entirely from the sold copies of the game. While treating this update as sort of a 2.0 release of Derail Valley, Altfuture wants to keep the game in Early Access until even more content is added.

In Overhauled, a small mistake can result in a massive disaster. By crashing your train or falling off the tracks, you will be able to cause one of the 15 new dangerous cargo types to leak, catch on fire, explode, radiate and chemically react with one another.

The way this ties into gameplay is that players will need to pay for damages made to trains, cargo and the environment before being able to acquire new licenses and progress their career. Early in the game the fee cap is insignificant, meaning you can pay off all your fees after completing a single easy contract. However, with every newly bought license, the fee cap increases. As you progress, derailments gain the potential of becoming more costly to you and, depending on your skill level, make further progression more challenging.

To counterfeit the risk of unfair derailments, Altfuture packed the update with a bunch of much needed improvements. Derailment system has been entirely revamped, a new coupling mechanism was introduced and the tracks are now filled with speed and grade signs. Derailed trains can now be brought back on the tracks, and you can also fast travel using the map, for a fee.

“This is how the game should have been at launch, had we had more time,” - said Slobodan. - “Finally, after this update we will be able to move on to adding more features and content as opposed to fixing bugs. From that point on, the game should grow visibly faster.”

There are many more improvements coming in the update that Altfuture will showcase in their in-depth video updates closer to release. Subscribing to their YouTube channel or other social media will, apart from ensuring not missing out on the videos, add points to the recently updated Community Unlocks system and help the team further expand the game.

Base version of Derail Valley is available now on Steam and Oculus stores, for PC and major VR headsets. Altfuture warns, however, that the Overhauled update will wipe previous career progress.

More about Derail Valley

Derail Valley is an open world train simulator built for PC and PCVR. Take control over hundreds of tons rolling on steel rails, while traversing beautiful, challenging natural environments. Make deliveries of cargo between various industries spread across a vast open world. Earn money, buy new licenses and advance your career as a train engineer, all in a seamless, emergent playthrough.

  • Native VR support (optional)
  • Physics driven simulation
  • Open world freedom

  • Career building gameplay
  • Accidents & service costs
  • DLC-free business model

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More about Altfuture

Altfuture is an independent small game development team based in Belgrade, Serbia. We've so far created Derail Valley and Switchcars. Our goal is to push the limits of utility and design with our custom-made software, and launch as many revolutionary projects as possible.

With Derail Valley we are determined to make it one of the best train simulators in the world, and one of the best VR games in 2020. Having started from scratch a couple of years ago, we've grown as a team and have made massive progress since.

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